Teeth Whitening

At Phoenix Dental Clinic we use specialized light that activates the gel and allows bleaching to happen faster.



A Dental implant is essentially a substitute for a natural root & commonly it is screw or cylinder shape made of titanium. Above this a tooth colored prosthesis (crown, bridge or over denture) is placed.



In orthodontics if the teeth are crowded, sound teeth may be extracted to create space so the rest of the teeth can be straightened.

Why choose an Endodontist?

Endodontist (Root canal specialist) are specialists in saving the tooth. Since preserving the natural teeth is a primary goal of modern dentistry, an endodontist’s work is valuable indeed.

Besides performing standard root canal treatments, endodontists often take on patients referred to them by general dentists. Endodontists play a crucial role in management of such complicated cases. They also perform endodontic surgical procedures such as apicoectomies, where infected tissue is removed from the tip of the tooth’s root. Additionally, endodontists are sometimes called on to perform endodontic re-treatment (where a prior root canal has failed), or to treat pulp damage in cases of traumatic dental injury. Their advice can be extremely helpful in situations where a difficult decision must be made: Is it worthwhile to try saving a tooth, or best to extract it instead?

The offices of many endodontists are also equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology. Advanced devices such as operating microscopes, digital imaging systems, ultrasonic instruments and fiber optics allow them to treat their patients efficiently and comfortably. After all, who wants to spend more time in the Dental chair than necessary?


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