Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is removal of a decayed tooth. It is done in cases when it is not possible to salvage of tooth by any other dental treatments Simple extractions are executed by giving the local anesthetic to numb the affected area.

Wisdom teeth are also referred as “third molars” but they often cause problem during their eruption (breaking through the gum tissue). They may only erupt partially as there is less space in the jaw. Also they may be embedded completely in the jaw bone. They exert pressure on other teeth causing pain and hence have to be extracted. Also they are difficult to clean as they are the last teeth and the tooth brush does not reach there. So if infected it is best to extract them.

Tooth Extraction: Restoring Oral Health with Compassion

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure to remove a problematic tooth, and it can be a necessary step to maintain your overall oral health. We prioritize patient comfort and well-being throughout the process, from diagnosis to aftercare.

Why Choose Phoenix Dent Care for Tooth Extraction:

  1. Experienced Professionals: Our skilled dental experts have extensive experience in performing tooth extractions with precision and care.
  2. Advanced Techniques: We use the latest dental techniques and technology to ensure efficient and comfortable extractions.
  3. Customized Care: Every patient’s situation is unique, and we tailor our approach to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth experience.
  4. Post-Extraction Support: Our team provides guidance on aftercare and, if needed, options for tooth replacement to restore your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tooth extraction at Phoenix Dent Care may be necessary for various reasons, including severe tooth decay, advanced gum disease, impacted wisdom teeth, or to create space for orthodontic treatment.
While you may feel pressure during the procedure, tooth extraction is typically not painful. Local anesthesia is administered to ensure you are comfortable and do not feel pain during the extraction. After the procedure, any discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.
The duration of a tooth extraction varies based on factors such as the tooth’s location, condition, and complexity of the extraction. Simple extractions may take just a few minutes, while more complex cases may take longer.
The initial recovery period typically involves some swelling and mild discomfort. Our team at Phoenix Dent Care will provide post-extraction care instructions, including information on managing pain, swelling, and maintaining proper oral hygiene during the healing process.
Following a tooth extraction, it’s advisable to stick to a soft diet for the first few days. Avoiding hot, spicy, and hard foods can help prevent irritation to the extraction site. As you heal, you can gradually reintroduce a normal diet.

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